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Case Study: Mary’s Mystery

© Risk & Insurance 2006 A 47-year-old, sedentary, overweight customer service representative began to wake up with numbness, first in one hand and then in both. She soon found herself shaking her hands out at work, where she typed all day while on the phone with a headset talking to customers. Her company had changed each workstation two years before for ergonomic reasons. Though Mary had been in this job for seven years, there had hardly been any change in the job in the past four years. Mary incurred no overtime. She had no hobbies that placed extra demands on […]


Measuring Quality of Care: More Urgent, Easier to Do

© WorkCompCentral 2014 Why do occupational medicine clinics in Aurora, Colorado, vary so much in their quality of services to injured workers? The leading workers’ compensation insurer in the state, Pinnacol Assurance, names and rates the clinics in that city. You can find the scores at Pinnacol’s Clinic Performance Initiative website. The insurer, whose CEO Philip Kalin’s prior work was as a health care executive, measures how occupational medicine clinics address modified duty, are timely in submitting records, and are accurate in reporting maximum medical improvement. (The insurer also performs its own clinic evaluations.) One might quibble with the scoring […]