Selected Writing

Major published studies

Faces from 9/11.  July 7, 2018 published by

Workers’ Compensation Opt-Out: Can Privatization Work? The Texas Experience and the Oklahoma Proposal. November 2012. Co-authored with Jack Roberts and published by the New Street Group. Sponsored by Sedgwick.

“This thorough, well-researched and entirely lucid analysis is certain to propel the opt-out debate now and in the foreseeable future.” – WorkCompInsider

This Report examines in depth Texas’ Opt-out system, including ERISA, liability, benefits and claims management practices.

Work Safe: An Employer’s Guide to Safety and Health in a Diversified Workforce. November 2013. Published and sponsored by Broadspire and Concentra.

This unique Guide helps employers to address work safety, work injury, medical care and translation challenges arising out of the significant rise in the immigrant workforce in the United States. The Guide includes an extensive directory of free safety-related resources.

Seismic Shifts: An Essential Guide for Practitioners and CEOs in Workers’ Comp. February 2015. Published by WorkCompCentral.

“This may be the most comprehensive and detailed articles on the ‘state of the union’ and future of workers’ compensation that I’ve ever seen.” – risk consultant

This Guide describes and documents how work injury trends, emerging injury saving technology and claims practices, and radical change in the needs of employers for services are creating waves of business opportunity.

We’re Beating Back Opioids: Now What? June 2015

The Uncompensated Worker: the Financial Impact of Workers’ Comp on Injured Workers and their Families

“Sheds light on the issue and also examines how an injured worker and his household is affected when a worker receives compensation for lost work days. The realistic scenarios depicted in this report illustrate that injured workers in every state could, through no fault of their own, suffer severe financial hardship from a work injury” — Workers’  Compensation Institute

Selected other articles

Breach of Trust. 2007. Published by Risk & Insurance

A four part series examining the health problems of recovery and cleanup workers in the aftermath of the Sept 11, 2011 terrorist attacks. Received a national award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

War Workers. 2009. Published by Risk & Insurance

A three part series exploring the health problems of National Guard and Reserve troops arising out of deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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