Peter Rousmaniere Biographical Profile

Peter Rousmaniere is a journalist and consultant in the field of risk management, with a special focus on work injury risk. Originally an entrepreneur, his work evolved into consulting and writing. He works primarily as a free-lance journalist.

Rousmaniere studied at Harvard earning there a BA and MBA. After an early career in general management consulting, he joined the consultancy Lynch, Ryan in 1986. There, he assisted employers to better respond to work-related injuries. He went on to develop one of the first ventures to improve quality of medical treatment for injured workers. He worked briefly for an information technology firm.

He served as the workers’ compensation columnist for Risk & Insurance Magazine from 2003 through 2013. He currently writes primarily for WorkCompCentral.

His writing often addresses emerging issues in work injury risk management before they are widely recognized. Examples include the dangerous use of pain-killers, the emergence of the immigrant work population, keeping an aging workforce productive, the rise of analytical services in claims management, and why injured workers often do not ask for workers’ compensation benefits.

He has often reported on the state of workers’ compensation as a system struggling to remain helpful to both worker and employer. In 2012 he led the preparation of a path-breaking study of the “opt-out” concept, a radical re-design of work injury benefits.

Another consistent theme in Rousmaniere’s columns and articles has been situations where the risks of work-related injuries and deaths are unnecessarily high. For example, he wrote in 2007 a national award-winning series (“Up in Smoke”) on the health problems of World Trade Center recovery and clean-up workers. He has written often on America’s low wage immigrant workforce. He authored in 2013 Work Safe: An Employer’s Guide to Safety and Health in a Diversified Workforce.

He has spoken at over 100 conferences and has written over 200 articles and columns. He lives in Woodstock, Vermont.

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