Peter Rousmaniere Biographical Profile

Peter Rousmaniere has been a journalist and consultant in the field of risk management, with a special focus on work injury risk. Originally an entrepreneur, his work evolved into consulting and writing. He works primarily as a free-lance journalist.

Rousmaniere studied at Harvard earning a BA (1968) and MBA(1973). After an early career in general management consulting, he joined a workers’ compensation consultancy in 1986. There, he assisted employers to better respond to work-related injuries. He went on to develop one of the first ventures to improve quality of medical treatment for injured workers. He worked briefly for an information technology firm.

He served as the regular workers’ compensation columnist for leading risk management and workers’ compensation publications between 2003 and 2019. During these years, he wrote over 250 columns and dozens of in-depth articles and special reports on work injury risk. His writing also addressed immigration trends, automation, the internet, aging, healthcare and workforce demographics. He received national awards including one for a 2007 series on the health problems of 9/11 recovery workers.  He has spoken at over 100 conferences.

Since 2006 he has managed a blog on immigration,

He lives in Vermont with Rilla Murray, a former healthcare professional. He is an active grandfather, hiker, reader, and traveler. He co-founded a literary festival in Woodstock, VT.

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